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by Alex on April 22, 2012

Here’s my honest review of the Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey – I hope it can benefit anyone in the same circumstances as my girlfriend and I were.

Secret Survey ReviewMy girlfriend and I had been dating for almost a whole year – yet we still could not broach the sensitive topics, well, I couldn’t and she was asking the wrong questions, the wrong way, and I just did not know how to respond and therefore didn’t. However, she was not about to give up on our relationship and so she tried everything she could until she stumbled upon a program called The Secret Survey. Within a week, she was able to crack through my manly macho exterior and start getting answers out of me – like how many kids I wanted and whether I was considering making our relationship something more of a permanent relationship. It was so effective that after she was able to find a new way to get me to answer hard questions, she decided to queue me into her secret – and I was not at all upset.

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The Secret Survey was created by a famous man named Michael Fiore who has been guest starred on dozens of Hollywood television shows, news channels, and interviews on various subjects around his Secret Survey and similar topics of his profession. The package comes with lots of content to speed you along your way which includes online content that is accessible instantly once you become a member. Then there is a CD, book, and pamphlet to provide you all the information you need to understand the inner thoughts and tinkering’s of your boyfriend, future husband, or social friend.

Secret Survey ReviewThere are three main benefits to becoming a member of the secret survey that I learned about from my girlfriend and by reviewing the material she provided me. The first main benefit is that you will understand the opposite sex – feelings, thoughts, and motivations. The program assures you that you will be able to get answers from your partner within 5 minutes, which is true if you are able to understand the steps and comprehend the end results you might just be able to get the information you seek. However, do not get dismayed if it doesn’t work the first time, it may take you some time to remember what to say and how to say it. This is not manipulation or control – it is simply a way to understand why your partner is scared, what things motivate them, and how to approach and ask the right questions.

Once you have mastered the first step, Michael Fiore promises that he can teach you how to make your partner stop staring at other women or men (it works both ways). This will help you feel safe that your partner is not looking for an exit strategy and that he is focusing and thinking about you more often. Lastly, it is risk free, as you will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days. You can rest assured that it is not a scam as it is run through ClickBank, an official port for payment processing and affiliate tracking software, which means that getting your refund, will be a viable option if it doesn’t work for you. However, it will work, it worked for my girlfriend and I and our friends and it will work for you if you follow the instructions that are simple and straight forward.

Secret Survey CDIn the end, my girlfriend was so satisfied that she purchased two extra copies and sent one to her best friend and the other to her younger sister. We have experienced less communicate gaps and errors which means we are communicating more effectively now because of this program has allowed us to understand what each other needs, wants, and desires for a more perfect way. I mean what is every guys dream, a woman who understands them but isn’t like them. Some guys want a quiet Sunday in front of a television watching the Sunday game with some munchies and buddies whereas some girls want to go to church, take a walk on the beach in the early morning, or walk the dog in the park and just mediate with their partner. Whatever the other person wants and desires is considered by the other party, empathy, and then you find the middle ground where everyone can get what they want. So by applying the same principles for question and fact finding towards actions and events gets the same results. So next time you think your partner is lying to you, avoiding the truth, or simply wandering – pick up a copy of the Secret Survey – watch the videos online, read the blog, follow the book, and carry the pamphlet with you so that you will be prepared when you try to get a real answer for a hard question from your significant other.

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